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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 provides legal obligations to those wishing to carry out works which fall within the act.  These protect both you and your adjoining neighbours prior to any Party Wall works. At Rupert Elliott Consulting we ensure the right solution is put in place to allow you to follow the correct procedures. Failing to do so can lead to costly court proceedings  and an injunction to prevent the work from continuing. This means getting specialist knowledge is key. Rupert Elliott Consulting LLP are a small independent practice of Chartered Surveyors (Regulated by RICS) with 20 years experience in Party Walls. Based in Tonbridge we serve Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London.


What is a Party Wall Surveyor and how can we help?

  • We can act for both the building owner and the adjoining owners who have received a party wall notice.
  • As Party Wall Surveyors we advise on all potential Party Wall issues, acting as your appointed Party Wall Surveyor should a ‘dispute’ arise.
  • We advise on all issues related to the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, advising you on the correct procedures, next course of action so that the potential risk of costly disputes and subsequent damage is avoided.
  • We will act as your appointed Party Wall Surveyor where a dispute has arisen.
  • Rupert Elliott prepares and serves valid Party Wall Notices to your adjoining Owner(s) and / or Occupiers.
  • We prepare and agree a Party Wall Award.
  • Carry out a ‘Schedule of Condition’ to the adjoining structure.
  • We are regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

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Rupert Elliott Consulting resolved repair work costs between neighbours in Chiswick, West London to a fire wall in poor condition. We assisted the Building Owner in serving notice to their neighbour of their intention to undertake the repair work, and recover a proportion of the cost of the work from the neighbour. 

Rupert Elliott Consulting were approached by an Adjoining Owner in relation to a notice that was served on them by the owners of the neighbouring property who were proposing a basement development in Fulham, Southwest London which included underpinning the party wall. Due to the implications we instructed a consulting engineer to assist with the assessment and agreement of the party wall award, which included additional measures imposed on the Building Owner to safeguard the Adjoining Owners property.

Rupert Elliott Consulting resolved a basement extension in Putney, South London. As the appointed party wall surveyor we served notice to the neighbour and followed up (due to lack of response to the notice) by appointing a surveyor to the neighbour on their behalf to ensure the Building Owners progress was not frustrated. 

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